Fall Winter
- 2014/2015 -

“Life is a matter of confidence.
If you think you cannot do it,
there is no chance you will.”

— Henry Thomas Cotton

Henry Cotton’s is a classic fashion brand
inspired by a larger-than-life, historic sportsman,
viveur and lover of the finer things in life.

A deliberate combination of
Italian style and traditional British tailoring,
Henry Cotton’s unique brand of elegance and flair
is as relevant today as it was for Henry himself.

A great British brand
with an outstanding story and heritage.

This compelling blend of tradition,
authenticity and quirky originality has now
become established as a distinctively contemporary lifestyle.

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Sir Henry Cotton

Inspired by a legend - who became a lifestyle

The Henry Cotton’s brand is inspired by the 1940’s unique British style of Sir Henry Cotton.

A legendary world class golfer, who loved fly fishing, but most of all adored his lifestyle: great cars, beautiful women, exceptional food and, most importantly, a fantastic wardrobe.

Henry always wanted the best. Traditional British tailoring was not enough, so he looked to Italy to offer the fashion, fabric and styling, to enhance his lifestyle.

It is good to know that his unique blend of traditional British sporting life with Italian fashion, quality and style are as relevant today as they were for Henry.

Henry Cotton's

A great British brand with an amazing story - mixing a respected tradition and authenticity, with a compelling contemporary product collection.

Henry Cotton’s is all that and more. A classic fashion brand, inspired by a larger-than-life historic sportsman and true lover of the best life can offer.

The Henry Cotton’s unique advantage. Combine British heritage and inspiration from an authentic style icon with leading Italian fashion creativity, quality and sophistication.

The result: a unique brand that is instantly recognised and respected all over the world.

The Logo

Fishing with the ladies

A worldclass golfer, obsessed by fly fishing. His Hardy’s of Alnwick, spilt cane fishing rod, saw more use than the golf clubs.

Never predictable. His lifestyle and brand were much more important than golf, so when Henry developed a logo to represent his brand he chose his true love.

Fly Fishing!

Family Album

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