Interview to the Product Director: Tiziano Lunardon


With the 2017 Pitti Uomo at its door, the hand-delivered monthly magazine for international business travelers, With Style, features Henry Cotton’s for an exclusive fashion spread.

Henry Cotton’s

A British soul and Italian exclusivity


The name is a tribute to a historical icon of masculine style, Sir Thomas Henry Cotton, an English golfer from the early-20th century who was famous for his sartorial elegance and his life cloaked in charm. This source of inspiration has been transformed into a stylistic groove that looks to the refined allure of the English aristocracy of the countryside. We posed a number of questions to the brand’s Product Director, Tiziano Lunardon.

How may the contemporary British style be defined?
“Quintessentially British – Creatively Italian” is the slogan that has distinguished our brand for almost 40 years. This dual soul translates into the typology of fabrics, predominantly English in taste, revisited through the utilisation of new yarns, details and technologies that revisit the classic aspect of the garment, offering a contemporary interpretation.

Is the Anglo-Saxon stylistic soul still as strong as once upon a time?
Yes, it is still our source of inspiration. The fabrics that define us are the English chequer and Glen plaid, taken up through the utilisation of mouliné and bouclé yarns along with special technologies that render our garments unique in their kind. There is no lack of interest in foreign markets, such as Japan, in analysing new styles and materials.

Has the classic found its place in the modern style?
Henry Cotton’s has dedicated itself to finding the right balance between classic and modern, between an urban and sporty style. The result lies in the technical and stretch fabrics that give the possibility of dressing elegantly without having to renounce comfort. Lightweight fabrics that are easy to use render the clothing not only pleasing to the eye but also to the touch.

What are the sources of inspiration in Henry Cotton’s style?
We continuously have a watchful eye on the interpretation of distant worlds, as well as those close to us. Our colours, fabrics and prints are always the result of careful research. For the SS17 season, the collection takes inspiration from Cuba, whilst for SS18, our focus returns to the Mediterranean coast. Different places, yet interpreted in our garments without neglecting their respective origins.

How would you describe your ideal man?
He is a modern, professional gentleman, attentive to details. He loves beautiful fabrics, unexpected colours, and small details that make the difference. He is always elegant, reads and travels.
This last feature is very important to us, because our style meets the needs of those who travel, seeking to be elegant yet comfortable at the same time.

« Henry Cotton’s ideal man is modern, professional gentleman, attentive to details. He loves beautiful fabrics, unexpected colours, and small details that make the difference. »

What is new for this summer?
As anticipated, the SS17 collection is inspired by Cuba. Neutral and refined nuances such as ecru and brown with touches of yellow, through to a real explosion of colours in the more summery range. One important role is played by the foliage prints on shirts and trousers. In particular is the pairing of the pinstriped double-breasted blazer, of quasi-regimental British inspiration, with trousers having a barely-visible floral print. Otherwise, there are the bermudas in white linen with a tone-on-tone foliage print, to be worn with light shirts, also in linen, with a Korean collar. Linen represents the most important part of the collection, whether it be in the shirts, trousers or the Hamilton jacket, reinterpreted in piqué, in a dyed linen garment.

What is the most flourishing market?
The Italian one, whilst the Japanese market is more in line with what it is and wants to represent the brand, then there is Korea.

Who would you like to dress?
Jude Law, for his English taste and class. He is a very refined public figure. In Italy, Luca Argentero is just as interesting. A young professional who is elegant and charismatic.

The future of Henry Cotton’s?
I think we have a strong potential for international expansion. We are refreshing our style to reach a broader audience, comprised of young men and women aware of their own taste. This desire results in different volumes and fit. Following the direction of our Creative Director, we are specialising in categories such as trousers, shirts and knitwear. Thanks to the attention given to the choice of ever-renewed fabrics, the right quality-price ratio and the workmanship in the details, we hope for the best.

19 July 2017


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