Cuba: between music and colours


If the charismatic and welcoming personalities of locals, the uncontaminated nature and the colonial architectural beauty were not enough good reasons to visit Cuba, here are 5 additional points to consider before choosing this destination for your upcoming trip.


Thanks to its colourful, suggestive and timeless atmosphere, Havana is love at first sight for many. Hovered by a melancholic and decadent charm, behind which stands the habaneros’ lively spirit, the capital of Cuba has a rich history full of tradition and controversies.

Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Havana shows a glorious past with its colonial style buildings and stunning vintage cars straight from the 50’s.


Cuba is considered as a Caribbean pearl also thanks to the  beautiful beaches that feature endless coasts, white sand and crystal water. The coral islands of Cayo Largo and Cayo Coco offer a tropical and paradisiacal landscape for those looking to relax, scuba dive or snorkel.


Cuba is the go-to-place for salsa. Famous for its lively nightlife and music culture, it became famous thanks to the “Buena Vista Social Club” documentary by Wim Wenders. The historical spot is legendary for the artists of colour during the Batista dictatorship.  Follow the Cuban rhythm of one of the many improvised street’s shows.


Cuba produces the world’s best cigars. A mandatory stop is Viñales, in the wild province of Pinar del Rio. This is where the most famous tobacco plantation can be found. For the most curious, it is possible to visit a factory that makes strictly handmade cigars.


El Florida and La Bodeguita de Medio are the legendary open bars in the heart of historical Havana. They became famous venues because of the many actors, musicians, revolutionaries and writers that used to hang there. Among many, Ernest Hemingway who used to sip the famous Rum based cocktails crafted under the warmth of the Cuban sun.

“My mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquiri in El Floridita”.
Ernest Hemingway
Written and photographed by Nicoletta Frattina

3 August 2017


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