Resting in the middle of the Aegean, stands Santorini, a volcanic island in the Cyclades. If there is a place in the world famous for its breathtaking sunsets, this is the place. It’s characteristic white village, steep above the endless blue water, spreads along the croissant-shaped-cliff. The island’s outline came as a result to the most violent eruption that led the center of Thera to collapse into the now-empty Caldera. With its dazzling 180° bird-eye-view panoramas and friendly locals, Santorini emerges as one of the world’s top tourism destination.

The island’s vibrant capital, Fira, is full of restaurants, bars, shops and upmarket hotels which give endless photos opportunities. The commercial development of the island is mainly focused on the west-side of the Caldera’s edge. Starting from Fira, there is a 30-minutes-walk that goes up to the highest point of the “cliff,” which leads to Imerovigli– a village with posh apartments and best views of Fira and the Caldera. Another exclusive village worth checking is the picturesque village of Oìa.

As a volcanic island, Santorini is well-known for its black sand that flows into the dark blue sea. The east coast’s beaches of Perissa and Perivolos are filled with buzzy facilities that include restaurants, bars, pools and umbrellas to meet all possible needs and styles. The beach promenade, that connects the two areas, stretches for about 3 km offering a great walk and some souvenir shopping. If black sand doesn’t trigger your curiosity, a red sand choice is available through a short boat ride.

When considering wine tasting, one may think of France, or Italy. Thanks to the characteristic soil of Santorini, partially composed of volcanic sediment, this creates a distinguishing and unique flavor. Wineries can be found all over the island, though Santorini’s largest and most popular one is Santos Wines, located in Pygros, a small village on the way to Perivolos from Fira. Not only does this winery offer a great local tasting, but also a perfect spot to enjoy the sunset.

When it comes to food, you cannot really go wrong here. However, there are some tips we feel like sharing in order to avoid you going to touristy and expensive traps. As mentioned before, Fira is filled with restaurants and many face the Caldera, giving the opportunity to snap the perfect Instagram photo, at the expense of your wallet. If this does not sound right to you, still you are not willing to give up on view, location, price, nor quality, Athermì cafè – restaurant is the revealed secret.

“One day I saw the sunset forty-four times!”
The Little Prince

If this were possible, Santorini would be the place to sit and watch the sun sink into the blue water over and over again.

Written and photographed by Lavinia Pisani

21 September 2017


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